BullsEye Watering Mat vs. Tree Watering Bags

So you're interested in our watering mats. That's great! Now, we know a lot of people out there have done their research and found a different solution for watering your trees: tree watering bags. 

As these bags seem to be one of the more popular options, we will compare the BullsEye Watering Mat to other tree watering bags such as the GatorBag.

 Issue BullsEye Watering Mat GatorBag
Effort Hook up to water hose Hold hose in bag(s) until full while keeping bags open
Portability Can easily unhook & store in garage/shed/etc. Usually stays on tree
Water Distribution Covers as much as a 4' - 5' diameter to encourage root growth Waters only base of tree
Replacement Comes with replacement emitters to ensure proper water flow If torn or cut, cannot repair
Expansion Can utilize a splitter to use 2 units at a time for large trees Must purchase & fill multiple bags
Aesthetics Only visible while watering
Unsightly as it typically stays on tree & could cause damage to the bag as well as tree
Water Usage Use once or twice a month 2 tree watering bag refills to equal 1 session with the BullsEye Watering Mat


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